About Us

Lucky 7 ECPF is an educational consultancy that aims at providing firsthand information in overseas Education and Visa Services. Our qualified, professional, and friendly team is dedicated to intercalating awareness and broaden the vision of international students regarding Australian Education and Visa processing. Our main aim is to provide essential guidance to students of all levels wishing to study in Australia. The motivation and strength targeting the success pathways for the international students render a sense of entire satisfaction for our organization. We continue to provide our best possible services to the students by helping them to flourish and expand their new horizons.

We mainly aim at:

• Providing a complete package of education service to international students both offshore and onshore.

• Providing all sorts of assistance to students starting from enrolment to visa applications.

• Rapport building and maintaining relationships with both the onshore and offshore International Students.

• Navigating the students in choosing the best and right Insurance providers

• Guiding and setting up Study Plan based on respective backgrounds and needs for every student.

• Working with migration team in undertaking research on migration legislation and policies and assisting the students in any kind of legal issues

• Working closely with the Recruitment team to assist International Students in finding a job.


To become a leading education and placement firm in the country to provide one-stop shop study abroad solutions and help aspiring students to fulfill their dreams of professional development.


We want to provide for our younger generations a life-long learning opportunity in reputed institutes abroad, to make them more competent, productive and successful through our consistent guidance and counseling services.  


  • Help students to pursue higher learning opportunities
  • To strengthen bilateral co-operations and relation of our country with others
  • To provide excellent services at affordable costs
  • To help students to learn and earn and lead a decent livelihood,
  • To help the country in the production of productive and capable citizens

Services Provided

We will provide the following services:

1.Education Service (Courses and Enrolment, New Student Visa, Visa Extensions etc)

2.Recruitment Services (Help find assist students in finding a job in the market, Part time Jobs)

3.Select the best relevant courses (Accounting, Engineering, and ICT etc)

4.Health Insurance (Both OSHC/OVHC)

5.ToEFL and IELTS Test reservations and conduct.