Education Services

Lucky 7 ECPF helps students to choose right program and course to study in right country. Initially our consultancy tries to understand student’s perspective in which country they are willing to study and what are his/her background. Understanding their background we suggest them with proper guidance.

Visa Services

Lucky 7 ECPF prepares students how to countenance interviews by High Commission or Embassies. We sentinel them on types of questions asked by Visa Officers. Visa Officers mainly look for confidence and presentation level of individual. We also provides Pre-departure briefing to the visa approved students.

About Us

Lucky 7 ECPF is an educational consultancy

Lucky 7 ECPF is an educational consultancy that aims at providing firsthand information in overseas Education and Visa Services. Our qualified, professional, and friendly team is dedicated to intercalating awareness and broaden the vision of international students regarding Australian Education and Visa processing. Our main aim is to provide essential guidance to students of all levels wishing to study in Australia. The motivation and strength targeting the success pathways for the international students render a sense of entire satisfaction for our organization. We continue to provide our best possible services to the students by helping them to flourish and expand their new horizons. We mainly…

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